Clas Ohlson on Finn

Automatic ad display from a diverse product inventory

Task is the largest classified ads site in Norway. Their business model changed from paid to free classified ads, financed by commercial ads. New classified second hand ads are coming in the range of 30 thousand per day. Clas Ohlson is the biggest hardware reseller in Norway and Sweden, with a huge product catalogue sold through retail stores and online. There is a good match of Clas Ohlson’s products and’s second hand ads. The challenge is how to unleash the potential: To display commercial ads which are relevant to the classified ads category to increase the click rate to Clas Ohlons’s commerce site.

Solution with Smart Ads

Smart Ads was setup by externally crawling Clas Ohlson’s netshop and No technical integration was needed to the advertiser’s site. On the media site, the Smart Ad tags were embedded in the category pages, as for any advertiser. Ads were automatically generated based on category match on both sides, as well as near real time pricing adjustments and availability. Thus the advertiser controlled which products to display through their normal operation of their commerce solution, without any changes to the business processes.


Clas Ohlson could target their rich product inventory in near real time to the specific category of offers on This was done without any technical efforts or changes to their business processes. The click through rate (CTR) was four times the average. The sales conversion rate was on par with Google PLA (Product Listing Ads).

About the advertiser and media

Clas Ohlson is the biggest hardware retail chain in the Nordic countries, selling through retail stores and online. is Norway’s biggest site for classified ads and owned by Schibsted Media Group, the largest media group in the Nordics, with operations in 29 countries.