Smart Ads empower your content

Recurring business challenges

In the cases we have worked on there is a recurring pattern on how banner ads are produced and displayed:

  • Long lead time and costly production of ads. Static ads on random pages yields low CTR.
  • Little flexibility to tailor or optimize the message during a campaign.
  • Technical integrations makes investment cost high.
  • Often untapped value in existing sales data or content information.

Smart Ads Solution

With Smart Ads these inefficiencies are solved by:

  • Minimal lead time from setup to launch.
  • No technical integration or changes to existing business processes.
  • Automated Ad template based on the advertiser’s graphic profile.
  • Automatic creation of an infinite number of Smart Ads.
  • The advertiser can optimize which ads to display during the campaign.
  • Utilizing the media network of Essens Smart Ads, the advertiser or 3rd party ad networks (e.g. Adform).
  • The solution works across borders.

For the Advertisers

Smart Ads is industry and language agnostic. The customers range spans from online to retail and the combination of the two.