Netcom on Storby

Building brand awareness by amplifying content marketing


NetCom wants to be part of people’s lives by communicating about everyday technology in a relevant and engaging way, breaking the traditional notion of telcos “merely” sell network coverage and mobile phones. NetCom has over the years invested a lot in creating useful and great content through their blog The challenge has been how to attain traffic to the blog.

Solution with Smart Ads

Smart Ads was set up by quickly crawling Netcom’s and the media’s content, and then automatically generating ads that were placed on relevant articles on As the solution does not require any technical integration for the advertiser, NetCom could fully concentrate on leveraging their existing content, as well as producing new content that was relevant to the daily news situation.


The campaign was launched in conjunction with the launch of the 4G mobile network on the Oslo metro tunnel system. The project is a cooperation between the three largest telcos in Norway and the metro system provider. During the launch there was substantial coverage in the press on subscriber benefits, network coverage and how the project was realized. Relevant Smart Ads were automatically generated from NetCom’s blog and displayed on with targeted messages. To complement the message, Netcom’s content on how technology can benefit people’s lives was displayed on other relevant articles. As Netcom says – “Essens has helped NetCom increase traffic and CTR to our blog significantly with Smart Ads. Our great content finally gets the attention it deserves”.

About the advertiser and media

NetCom is Norway’s second largest telecom and owned by TeliaSonera. The company has a nationwide mobile network and a complete range of mobile services for consumers and businesses. Aftenposten (Storby) is part of Schibsted Media Group, the largest media group in the Nordics, with operations in 29 countries.